from research sketch to final model






CONCEPT – The development of ideas start by listening, feeling and looking. The early development stages  of a new product, are the most delicate and critical, they must be handled with care in order to obtain a good final result, the product. The aspects to consider before developing a project are many and all have their own nature,  but this is the work of a good designers, collect many different information and turn them into a product that contains and best espresses them all.


STYLE – The style of a product is the result of a careful analysis and has the task of expressing the soul of the product, all its character and its potential through its forms. LM Creative Lab is able to provide style proposals with the aid of various techniques both digital and manuals. From a blank sheet to the preliminary sketches to photorealistic rendering, the study of the style is researched and analyzed in order to obtain the best result for each specific product.


CAD – The phase of 3D modeling of a product is very important, also during the first step of search. It made possible to materialize in a monitor the motion of style selected for each particular product and analyze the resulting changes to be made and. With CAD software is possible to realize various style proposals that then will be engineered and from which the product will start towards the production phase.


CGI – 3D rendering and virtualization are very important to analyze the style of a product and to be able to decide its final appearance, the appeal that must obtain before the market launch. This technology reduces the time and allows the realization of infinite variants a product, facilitating the choice of materials, textures and colors to be applied to the final product.