About Me

some personal informations



LUIGI MONACO  –  born in Caserta, southern Italy. Since childhood I had the passion for drawing and I enjoyed disassemble objects to discover their functioning and their internal components. I immediately developed good manual skills in free-hand drawing and in the construction of objects, which allowed me to express my creativity and my ideas. While growing up, I felt more and more the need to express my creativity, so i decided to start my career in the design world. At age of 19 I left my hometown and i moved to Florence to attend a degree in Industrial Design at the Faculty of Architecture. In Florence I had the opportunity to develop and refine my skills and my talent and on completion of my Bachelor’s Degree I moved to Turin to attend a Master course in Car Design, driven by my passion for cars. I had the opportunity to deepen my skills even more by receiving a very professional education. After a first work experience at Inovo Design I moved to Milan, where I worked in a multidisciplinary design studio, there I’ve put into practice my skills, but above all I learned so much having had the opportunity to work with the best Italian and international design companies such as Candy-Hoover, Volkswagwen, Rancilio, BMW, Italdesign and many others. In 2015, driven by a strong bond with my roots, I decided to set up my own design studio and start a new adventure between Milan and Caserta, pushing forward my creative career by providing my skills to different fields.

I’m passionate about all Design fields, from cars to electronic goods every object has its soul, because inside every object there is a way of think, a mental and emotional process that brought to that idea.